Descrição do produto

Nome do produto : Cozinha em Madeira Brinquedos Faixa Etária : 2~4years Tamanho de idade : como a imagem Material : madeira

  • Material: Madeira
  • Número Do Modelo: W-5345354354
  • Tipo: Cozinha Brinquedos Conjunto
  • Aviso: Não pode comer longe do fogo
  • Recomendo Idade: 4-6y, 7-12y
  • Scale: 1
  • Classificação: Alimentos
  • Sexo: Unisex
  • Origem: CN(Origem)

SKU: m1845
K Fedya P
Happy about this one. This is how it supposed to be! All foil intact and not ripped!
The wooden shapes and coloring are great Just to look at, 100% recommend. To use, complete FAIL. The magnets are SO weak that this set is pointless. Just touching the pear it falls apart. Don't bother trying to pick up a fruit. A child will never get to practice cutting anything. The real practice will be trying to get the pieces to stay together. Really disappointed. Why go to so much trouble to use nice wooden pieces with good paint effects and ruin it all with tiny cheap magnets? We already have Velcro sets but I thought this would be even better and cleaner. Complete waste of money. Don't bother.
How it is described in the photographs, I love it, all very accurate to how the seller describes it. Thank you!

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